How to customize the equipment save state


When you select "Save Equipment State" in the equipment menu, by default the following list of controls are saved between sessions


  • Crossfader Assign Switches
  • Crossfader Curve Switch
  • Channel Fader Curve Switches
  • Headphone Level Adjust Knob
  • Headphone Mix Adjust Knob
  • Master Level Knob
  • Mic On/Off Switch (PCVR only)
  • Mic Level Adjust Knobs (PCVR only)
  • Mic EQ Knobs
  • Beat FX Quantize Button
  • Beat FX Channel Knob
  • Beat FX Type Knob
  • Beat FX Auto/Tap Button


  • Jog Adjust Knob
  • Vinyl Mode Button
  • Brake Speed Knob
  • Tempo Slider Range Button
  • Master Tempo Button
  • Deck Quantize Button
  • Time Mode Button

If you would like to customize the controls which are saved, follow the steps below:

Custom Settings Steps