Tribe How-Tos
Tribe How-Tos

Tribe How-Tos

Manage your Subscription

Cancel Your Subscription on Meta QuestCancel Your Subscription on Meta QuestCancel Your Subscription on SteamCancel Your Subscription on Steam

Splitting cue audio and master audio

🎧How to use virtual headphones to cue tracks in Tribe🔊How to output only the master audio on Quest standalone🔊How to output only the master audio on PCVR

Loading Tracks

How to connect to Beatport LinkHow to connect to Beatport LinkHow To Connect to Soundcloud Go+How To Connect to Soundcloud Go+🎵How to acquire tracks🎶How to upload tracks on Quest🎶How to upload tracks on PCVR📁How to change the default track folder location on PCVRHow to import Rekordbox data on QuestHow to import Rekordbox data on QuestHow to import Rekordbox Data using PCVRHow to import Rekordbox Data using PCVR🗃️How to sort your tracks


👥How to do multiplayer sessions in Tribe

Quest and PCVR

💻How to set up your Quest to access the PCVR version of Tribe

Desktop Mode

🖥️How to use Tribe in Desktop Mode


📹How to set up spectator cam👁️How to use the Visuals MenuHow to use the VJ Controller & ResolumeHow to use the VJ Controller & Resolume🖌️How to import custom Equipment Skins


🎛️How to customize the equipment save state

Resident DJ

🦹How to apply to be a Resident DJ?💁Resident DJ - Using the Stream Key and Overlays📕Resident DJ - GuidelinesJunior Resident DJ - GuidelinesJunior Resident DJ - Guidelines


💣I hear a crackling sound with audio.🔇I can’t hear the audio from the video lessons.Facebook connection issues.Facebook connection issues.Bitdefender blocks Tribe functionalityBitdefender blocks Tribe functionality😵Crash on Start.🔄How to fully uninstall Tribe for troubleshooting reasons?VCRUNTIME140.DLL Error

Other FAQs

How do I redeem a promo code?🧪How do I switch versions on Rift & Quest to test the Beta?

Need extra support?

Support Tribe

Give us reviews.

Reviews significantly help our cause at Tribe XR. It lets people who are deciding whether Tribe XR is right for them see your opinion on our app and influence their decision.

You can review us on:

  1. Oculus
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  3. Steam
  4. Facebook
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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Give us feedback on Discord.

We’re a user driven company and your ideas are just as good as ours. If you’d like to see our app get better, tell us how. We love feedback.

  1. Join our Discord
  2. Put any suggestions into the “suggestions channel.”
  3. Write up a general review in the "Reviews" channel with any feedback you have.
Request to be an Alpha test user.

In our Discord, we have a group of users who get the latest unreleased versions so they can test out new features before they get officially released.

  1. Join our Discord.
  2. Let us know you’d like to be a Tribe XR Beta user.
Join in our events.

We love hosting events and getting our community together. These events are usually centered around live performance from DJs and anyone in our community is welcome to perform.

Ask us about our next event on our Discord Channel or check out our events page.

Follow our Twitch channel.

We stream daily! It’s amazing, why wouldn’t you?

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