How to upload tracks on Quest

Upload your tracks to Tribe to DJ with your own music


For Mac

  1. Install Android File Transfer on your Mac.
  2. Connect your Quest to your Mac and click allow access to data in your Quest.
  3. On Mac, open Android File Transfer and copy your tracks into "Music" folder
  4. Screenshot

For PC

  1. Connect your Quest to your PC and click allow access to data in your headset.
  2. Open the Quest through Windows Explorer.
  3. Copy your music into the Quest Music folder.
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  5. Launch or restart you Tribe session, in the Open Track List menu click My Tracks tab.
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  • Be sure the Tribe Storage Permissions are set to On.
  • You may need to toggle Developer Mode on the Quest.
  • If you're using SideQuest, it has a file explorer, so you shouldn’t have uncheck developer mode to add more music.
We currently support mp3, m4a, aac, wav and FLAC files. mp3 files are recommended.
Tribe will analyze the track, display the waveform, the beat markers and the BPM. EDM and techno tracks analyze the best. Organic rock music may analyze slightly off. We’re currently implementing a feature that allows you to edit the analyzed beat grid to correct for that.
If you have special characters in your track names, Tribe may not be able to read them. For example, these type of characters can create issues: À Ö & ~ ™ . To work around that you can rename the track files and remove the special characters.

Video Tutorial for PC