Other FAQ

  1. Every time I try and link my Beatport or Soundcloud it says invalid token
    1. Do you have a Beatport Link Advanced subscription or a Soundcloud Go+ Account? Those subscription levels are required for connection to DJ apps.
  2. Is Tribe XR crossplay between Steam and Meta platforms?
    1. Yes
  3. Tribe doesn’t start or I see the desktop spectator mode. Virtual Desktop isn’t working and SteamVR starts up.
    1. Try going into the Oculus PCVR app and go into General Settings. If OpenXR runtime says SteamVR, then click the button to switch to Oculus. Try Link after that and close SteamVR before starting Tribe.
  4. I get a crackling sound on PCVR
    1. Check to make sure your sample rate is set to 48 kHZ
  5. I want to cancel Tribe, will I be charged?
    1. If you cancel within the 7 Day Trial you will not be charged and after the trial is complete you will still have access to a limited version of Tribe.
  6. Is Tribe free?
    1. There is a free 7 Day Trial. If you cancel you will still have access to a limited version of Tribe.
  7. How Do I cancel my subscription
    1. If you are on a Quest standalone device you can cancel from your Meta phone app in your Account settings, or in the Settings menu inside of your headset
    2. If you are on Steam you can cancel your subscription from Account Details and clicking on Manage My Subscription.
  8. How can I refund an annual subscription I activated by accident?
    1. You can request a refund from an accidental purchase by going to the Meta Refunds website.
    2. Return or refund your product, game, app or gift | Meta Store
  9. I bought Tribe previously so why it is asking me to subscribe?
    1. You do not need to pay for a subscription if you have previously purchased Tribe XR. Some users who purchased before a certain date did not automatically get grandfathered into the free Tribe for Life subscription. Reach out to Tsickle on Discord or email support@tribexr.com and he will set it up for you.
  10. Can I use Tribe on desktop with a mouse and keyboard without a VR headset?
    1. Yes, you can run Desktop mode on the Meta Link PCVR app by clicking on the 3 dots on the Tribe icon in your library, and starting in Desktop mode. You can also run the Steam version by selecting the non-Steam VR option on startup.
  11. How do I use Tribe with a Rift-S?
    1. You can subscribe to Tribe via the Meta Quest store webpage, on the Tribe product page, and then run the Meta Link PCVR app with the same account you subscribed with
  12. How do I log out of Dropbox or Soundcloud or Beatport?
    1. We don’t currently have a log out option for streaming services. The workaround on PC is to delete a file that stores the password which is located in the game files SAVED folder. On Quest, you will need to reinstall Tribe to sign out.
  13. Can I use Spotify?
    1. Unfortunately Spotify doesn’t support any DJ apps including Tribe.
  14. How much does Tribe XR Cost?
    1. Tribe costs $9.99 per month, $79.99 per year and $199 for lifetime subscription.
  15. What equipment does Tribe XR have?
    1. Tribe XR has Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 players, DJM-900 and DJM-V10 Mixers as well as Tribe Decks, Starter Decks, Tribe Acid Synth and the Tribe Drum Machine.
  16. Why is my music not loading?
    1. Using tracks ripped from streaming services can cause issues. Extra large FLAC files may have issues loading as well.
  17. Will Tribe have the RMX-1000 effects unit?
    1. There are no current plans for a simulation of this equipment, but Tribe aims to work on an effects unit of our own at some point in the future.
  18. How do I become a DJ for Tribe XR?
    1. Tribe has a Resident DJ program that allows skilled VRDJ’s to stream weekly to our Twitch channel and participate in events. You can apply by reaching out to Tsickle on the Discord
  19. Why are my tracks not playing?
    1. If you are on PCVR and the play/pause and cue buttons are not lit up, try changing the audio devices in the Settings Menu
  20. Can I zoom the waveform size on the CDJ?
    1. There is no current way to change the size of the waveform or zoom on the CDJ Display.
  21. Do I need to be the device owner account to load my own tracks?
    1. To load tracks on a Quest standalone you will need to be the device owner account. As a workaround you could use a free Dropbox account to load tracks from any account.
  22. Does Tribe work with Playstation PSVR
    1. Tribe is not currently compatible with PSVR headsets
  23. Do the browser controls work on the CDJ-3000 in Tribe?
    1. The Track browser controls do not currently function as Tribe uses its own menu system for music browsing and selection. There are plans to utilize this in the future but no specific date for that implementation.
  24. Why am I not receiving a verification email?
    1. Make sure to check your spam email folder
  25. Why did Tribe switch to a subscription model
    1. Tribe moved to a subscription model in order to maintain a consistent development and also provide servers, bandwidth cost for livestreams, and pay mentors and creators a fair wage. This allows Tribe to add amazing new content, equipment, track packs, and new features frequently going forward.
  26. How do I edit the beat grid?
    1. Press the BEAT GRID button on the CDJ display to edit the track grid
  27. How do I stream my set to YouTube?
    1. You can currently stream directly to YouTube via RTMP by selecting the RTMP option in the go live/livestream menu. You will need the URL provided by youtube for your channel.
  28. How do I DJ in the metaverse?
    1. Tribe users typically stream to a Twitch channel, and then pick up that stream using a web player element inside of the metaverse world.
  29. How can i move the tempo slider easier?
    1. You can turn on the “Low Sensitivity Grab” option in the “Input” settings menu, and then use both the trigger and grab buttons at the same time when holding a control. It will now move at half speed
    2. You can also hover over the tempo slider nad use the thumbstick to adjust by small increments.
  30. How do I DJ in the metaverse?
    1. Tribe users typically stream to a Twitch channel, and then pick up that stream using a web player element inside of the metaverse world.
  31. How do I increase the quality of Twitch Stream or Video Call?
    1. Video Calls and direct-to-Twitch streaming are capped due to bandwidth issues
  32. How do I use RTMP streaming for video calls
    1. You can enter any URL to stream to YouTube, Facebook, and more. In most casses you will need to enter a “/” between the URL and the stream key on one line.
  33. Why isn’t analyze button working
    1. Tracks from streaming services and Dropbox are not able to be batch analyzed, but will be analyzed once loaded to the decks.
  34. Why don’t my SoundCloud playlists load
    1. There is a limit of approximately 200 tracks per playlist for loading. If you have a massive list it is advised to split them up into chunks of smaller playlists.
  35. Why can’t I change skins on the Pioneer DJ Equipment including CDJ3000 V10 or DJM-900 mixer?
    1. Skins can be used on Tribe equipment only, including Tribe Decks, Starter Decks and Vinyl Decks.