How to output only the master audio on Quest standalone

When performing to your audience, you want to output only the master audio and hear the cue audio in your headphones.

If you are using Quest standalone, Tribe Plus subscribers can use the Video Call feature to stream to live.tribexr.com without Cue audio being heard. Click the "Mute Cue" button in the video call menu.

If you would like to output the Master Audio only locally, you have the following options depending on your needs:

  1. Playing master audio to your speakers and cue audio in your headphones(see guide below).
  2. Set up your Quest as PCVR via Oculus Link.

What you need


  • Plug in the splitter cable to your Quest.
  • Connect the right jack to your external headphones.
  • Connect the left jack to your speakers through AUX cable.
  • In Tribe, go to Settings > enable the Split Mono output option.