How to use the Visuals Menu

The Visuals Menu gives you various options for displaying video behind you during your set.

Using GIF or MP4 Files

Quest Instructions:

  • Connect your quest to a PC and navigate to your Quest device using Windows File Explorer (Android File Transfer if on Mac)
  • Click "Allow" on the storage message that pops up inside of your headset.
  • Locate the 'Movies' directory (full path should be Quest/Internal Shared Storage/Movies)
  • Drop GIF or MP4 files into that folder
  • When you launch Tribe on Quest those videos will appear in the Visuals Menu

PCVR Instructions:

  • On your Desktop, open up the Documents/TribeXR/Media/ folder.
  • Drag or copy your GIF or MP4 files to the Documents/TribeXR/Media/ folder.
  • If the folder does not exist, simply create a new one called "Media"
  • In Tribe, select the file you want and it will be displayed on the backwall

Sizing of Visuals


  • Fullscreen visuals use a 4:1 ratio
  • Half-screen visuals use a 2:1 ratio
  • Recommended maximum size is 2048x512 pixels on PC, and 1024x512 pixels on Quest

How to Fix Stretched Visuals

STEP 1. Use a video editing software, the free program DaVinci Resolve is recommended. STEP 2. Go to Project Settings and change the timeline resolution to 1024X512. Also make the pixel aspect ratio to SQUARE. STEP 3. Create a new timeline inside your project and make the pixel aspect ratio CINEMASCOPE. STEP 4. Import media into your timeline. In the Video Inspector tab, click the lock to unlock the scale (video sizing).

If X = 2.000 then Y = 1.000. If X = 4.200 then Y = 2.100 STEP 5. Click the Deliver tab

  • Set the codec to H264 as .mp4
  • Set Resolution to 1024X1024
  • Open the Advanced Settings tab and set the pixel aspect ratio to SQUARE

STEP 6. Start rendering and then transfer to the Quest as instructed above.

(Thanks to user Futhings for the instructions and video)

Using NDI with other software like Resolume

  • Set up NDI sources for the VJ Controller in the Settings tab
  • Click the NDI Active source selection
  • NDI visuals will be displayed on the back wall, with or without use of the VJ controller